Our Presentation
We provide a living history account of the activities and practices of the civilian druggist
living in the America’s, providing medicines to their communities. What you will
find in our display may include lectures and demonstrations.

• Lectures on period medications; herbal preparations; growing, cultivating, and
preparation of raw and processed botanical medicines, cosmetics, and other consumer
goods prepared in the apothecary.
• Lectures and demonstrations on the additional, side trade skills used by the
druggist to augment their revenues in small business Victorian America including:
Cosmetic preparation
Minor wound treatment
Quackery medicine
Other services outside of the apothecary realm

Our Full-Size Display includes:
• Over 150 various herbal, mineral, and chemical products used.
• 100 plus historically accurate reproduction displays of dry goods items that may have
been sold in the apothecary.

Authenticity is Our Key

Inspired by the BBC’s miniseries called The Victorian Pharmacy, a historical program
examining the practices and activities of a Victorian pharmacy located in a small, historical setting in England, the Schod’s set out to provide a living, American version of the same. With a combination of more then 50 years of research in medical living history, the Schod’s go to great lengths to ensure what is taught is accurate. By utilizing Melissa’s strong background in botanicals and Kent’s interest in chemistry and historic small business practices;
they provide authentic educational programs for all who attend.

Standards for Research and
• All portions of the impression are highly researched to ensure that the most accurate historical
presentation can be given.
• We adhere to a variety of research verifying methodologies to ensure the accuracy of the
material presented, resources used, and props presented within our impression All resources,
containers, equipment used, and other aspects of the presentations are researched from
credited sources so as to parallel the products, practices, and activities of the historical
druggist and his storefront.
Our research library includes:
6 Military Medical Texts
22 Medical History
18 Material Medical, Herbology, & Formularies
14 Period Civilian Medical Textbooks (as they relate to obtaining a doctorate in medicine in the mid-1800s.)
And various other documents on period business and medical topics

​About Your Presenters:

Melissa Lynn Schod
• Melissa is a native of Finger Lakes Region of New York State
• Began reenacting in 1996 with the 1st New York Light Artillery from Rochester.
• Between 1996 and 2013, she supported five (5) military units in New York and West Virginia where she aided in forming coordinating and supporting various civilian components of those units.
• Other memberships included the American Living History Education Society (ALHES)
in 2011, a member of the Provisional Hospital of Virginia in the Summer of 2013.
• Assisted in the preparation of the GBPA’s Medical Museum in Gettysburg, Pa.
• A member of the progressive impressionism Civil War Reenacting Outside of reenacting,

Melissa obtained her Master Gardener Certification specializing in heirloom gardening and
medicinal plants in 2005.  She is a Graduate from the HACC Fire Academy with her EMT in the Spring of 2013. Historical clothing and housewares resource since 1996.

Kent M. Schod
• Began his reenacting career in 1996 as a reenacting medical officer (Surgeon and
Hospital Inspector) while serving as a modern day paramedic at events.
• Serve as a reenacting medical staff for many events between 1997 and 2003.
• Established the Provisional Hospital of Virginia in 2012, which provided the history of
medical care of soldiers after the field hospital.The Provisional Hospital included a full, 8-bed hospital tent, supply tent, hospital laundry, hospital kitchen and personal quarters.
• Commissioned by the Gettysburg Battlefield Preservation Association (GBPA) to build and prepare the GBPA’s medical museum and gift store in Gettysburg, Pa. in 2016.
• Published author for a quarterly periodical and museum newsletter.

• Email:

• Agents with questionable legal issues, theft, or health
risk threats; material simulants are used and noted to the
• Prepared medicinal using strong alcohols are utilized but
not distributed.
• NO controlled substances, radiological agents, or other
highly toxic, explosive, or dangerous materials are contained within the apothecary.

​The Schod Family

Teaching the history of the American medical
experience through the ages.

• A family owned, operated, and financed
living history impression
• Focus on teaching the history of the
American druggist and their activities
of the druggists of the Colonial,
Regency, and Victorian Periods.

Our Mission
“To provide historically correct living
history presentations, demonstrations,
and educational materials to the public
in a friendly, open, educational
environment for all to enjoy!!